Image files on disc

Very simple - my best efforts on the day and I then supply all of the digital files on disc for you to enjoy. You'll get full copyright release so you can make your own prints. Perfect if you want to be hands on with it all or email copies to friends.

Make your own package

Our most popular option by far. There's simply a fee for my time on the day and you're then free to choose afterwards, once you've seen the photographs. Think of it as similar to a restaurant menu except for photography.

Traditional packages

Whether you're planning a smaller, more intimate occasion or inviting hundreds of guests, we have a complete range of high value packages to suit every occasion. Prices start from £499 so they won't break the bank either.

Weekday and Winter

If you're planning your wedding for the winter months or in the middle of the week at any time of year have a look at the discounts on offer. And it's even higher if it's during the week in the winter.

Shooting on film

We're increasingly asked if we can photograph weddings using film cameras rather than digital. Of course we can, it's how we started so we know film photography well. We've suggested two approaches but we're happy to change things.


Albums are so much more than they used to be. It's a complicated area with a huge choice of cover designs, materials, and construction techniques. We recommend and supply albums from the Mario Acerboni range of Italian albums

Recent projects.

Photography by Stuart Holding LBIPP

With over 25yrs experience of professional wedding photography Stuart is one of the best known photographers in the Chilterns area and has a considerable reputation for his ability to produce unique, stylish and contemporary images. And it's not only for weddings; his client list in other areas such as business portraiture, corporate events and sporting functions contains many household names, both corporate and individual, many of whom have been clients for years.

Based in Thame, nr Oxford and surrounded by the fabulous Chilterns countryside, Stuart has vast experience photographing weddings in the Oxford, Aylesbury, Reading and High Wycombe areas. With London only a short journey away he has photographed at many of the capitals most iconic venues such as St Paul's Cathedral and the House of Lords.


We live in a visual world. Let me show it to you in a new light.


About Wedding Photography



I've been photographing weddings for many years and I know how important it is to get everything right. I also know just how hard it must be if you're planning your wedding to decide who to entrust with the responsibility of recording it as, sadly, memories do fade and as the years pass the photographs take on more and more importance. So how do you decide who to book or can you entrust it all to family and friends? In my opinion there are a number of important things to consider -

Firstly, experience. Weddings are all about the people involved in them. And everyone is different. The ability to produce fantastic images when the weather turns inclement or time is short or when problems arise only comes with experience and that is hard gained. How wedding photographers start their career is one of lifes great mysteries - would you want to be someones first client? I had nearly four years of "understudy" experience before becoming a lead photographer with the studio so I'd seen many of the problems that occur but even now, over twenty years later, new problems and situations crop up.

Photographic skills are obviously of fundamental importance and qualification through one of the professional organisations is a good indicator of competence. The BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photograpy) or the MPA (Master Photographers Association) are the main two in the UK. (I qualified with the BIPP in 1991). There are others and you should expect most serious photographers to belong to at least one. Unlike many other areas of professional photography people skills are hugely important at weddings. Empathy and the ability to get along with everbody are essential on the day and just about every good wedding photographer I've ever met has a natural warm and friendly disposition. That's why it's important to meet and talk over your plans face to face. You need to get to know each other.

So, should you entrust the responsibility of photographing your wedding to the guests or are professionals really worth what they charge? Well, if you're lucky and have invited a guest with attributes similar to those I've described above (and they're willing to do it) then by all means take advantage. I've done it a number of times for family weddings and been pleased to help. But I've also seen the results where someone has taken on the task without really knowing what they were getting themselves into. I've seen it because I've been asked to reshoot weddings some weeks later. The photographs were so important that the couples involved were willing to go to the time and expense of rehiring clothes, venues, cars etc and gathering core guests together again. On every occasion it was because they'd originally decided to ask one or more guests to take on the role. Please think this part through carefully if you're looking to save on the budget. I've tried to include something for everyone in my prices and even if you decide that a fantastic leather album can be left for another day, there's no way round having someone there on the day with the ability to capture all your plans and hopes and desires through the camera lens. Have a look though our pricing options and give me a call

This section contains links to recent sets of photographs

On the right are links to recent sets of photographs. If you click on the link it will take you to our on line gallery where they can be seen. Normally there will be the option to click through each one individually or to start a slide show where each image will be on the screen for approximately 5 seconds.

If you can't find what you are looking for it may be that we've not been given permission to include them. With weddings in particular I'll only put them in the gallery if the bride and groom are happy for them to be on line.

If you see a photograph and would like to buy a copy, they are available at the prices given in the reprints page. Please don't forget the standard postage charge of 2.95