We're great enthusiasts for albums. For something as special as your wedding day an album of your favourite photographs,particularly the ones that bring everything flooding back, has got to be the perfect way to wrap everything up.

But we'd be the first to admit that choosing an album isn't easy. There are so many available, with prices ranging from a few pounds to many thousands and manufacturers of all sizes from cottage industry to multi national introducing new ones all the time.

Our Level Three prices include an album as part of the package and we've carefully selected the Mario Acerboni Pacco range as the one to use. It's a traditional fixed page album with a choice of cover design and colour. The manufacturer, Mario Acerboni, are based in Italy and produce some of the world's most stylish and desirable albums. We think this is a great product and are proud to offer it to clients. That's it in the photograph above.

We are flexible though and if the Pacco album wasn't quite what you had in mind, that's no problem, we're happy to change it for another and adjust the price either way depending on your choice. To give you some idea of what's available we've outlined below some other possibilities. Just remember though that there are so many albums available that even this is just scratching the surface.


Other Albums

Digital albums.

You may have seen some of the digital books we use for proofing where the photographs are actually printed onto the page of the book rather than being added as a separate photograph. Those use low resolution printing (for cost reasons!) but by increasing the resolution the results can be indistinguishable from traditional prints and the page design possibilities are infinite. There are a number of suppliers but we recommend the range from MTA Albums.


There's a vast range of cover options, a choice of gloss or lustre paper and as they're zero rated for VAT they represent excellent value for money. You can also choose between a range of sizes and orientations (portrait or landscape) and they're flexible enough to take between 10 and 40 full page spreads.

Slip-in Albums

These are what most people imagine when they think of wedding albums - a photograph mounted on each page with an overlay forming a frame over the top. Many many designs are available with covers available in a variety of materials and a number of page layout possibilities available. This is where the Italian designers shine through and we've been so impressed over the years by the quality of the Mario Acerboni range that they have to be our first choice. The photographs below show what they're like.



Combination Albums

A great new idea, these albums combine the best of the previous two types and enable you to either convert the whole page (or a double page spread) into a photograph or to use the traditional mats and overlays. We're impressed by the Rio range from MTA Albums (in the photograph below) but there are so many others that if you have a cover design or layout in mind then someone somewhere is bound to be producing it.




Transport costs

I'm based in Thame, a lovely little market town about 10 miles from Oxford. I'm happy to travel as far as is required but my prices assume that your ceremony is within about 30 miles of me. If you're further away there will be a small extra charge to cover my fuel costs. When petrol becomes cheaper again (!) I'll happily remove this :-)

Album design

You may have picked up from reading the information opposite that with many albums there can be a bit more to producing them than just inserting the photographs in the right order. I'm often asked to design the album with different emphasis given to different photographs, to construct images that reflect something special or to use my imagination and image skills to help the photographs flow emotionally through the highs and lows of the day. I'm really happy to work with you on this. I want the finished product to be exactly how you imagined it.

To bring it out fully often needs more than just the camera image. It needs time on the computer reworking the image to get as close to my original vision as I can and I often spend (unpaid) hours on just one photograph in the hope that you'll love it as much as I do. This isn't just a job, it's a passion.