Reprints and enlargements


Reprints are available from all our photographs and I've outlined below many of the options available.

1. Reprints up to 10" x 8"

Unless you request just the print on its own or you need a non standard size we normally supply everything in a display photomount - like in the photograph opposite.

A number of sizes are available (bizarrely still sized in inches).

6" x 4" - £ 5.75 each

7" x 5" - £6.50 each

9" x 6" - £7.50 each

10" x 8" - £9.95 each

Digital files (Copyright free, Hi res) - £9.95 each

2. Larger sizes

Reprints larger than 10" x 8" are usually intended for framing. We can supply them in sizes up to 20" x 30", either as just the photograph itself or mounted on a rigid base such as card or foamboard. Prices for the most popular sizes of unmounted prints are -


15" x 10" - £ 15.40

18" x 12" - £19.95

30" x 20" - £37.30


3. Canvas Prints

For one special photograph these can be the ultimate method of presentation. The image is printed onto high quality polycotton canvas and stretched over a sturdy wooden frame. The effect works better in larger sizes so the smallest we offer is 12" x 8" . There are a number of options for canvas bonding that I don't have room to cover here so a quick call and I can talk you through what is possible.


12" x 8" - £59.50

16" x 12" - £74.95 (our most popular size)

24" x 16" - £95.00




I'm happy to post your order and to keep things simple there is a flat rate of postage of £2.95 to cover any number of reprints up to size 10" x 8".

Larger poster prints, albums and framed / canvas prints are more difficult to give postage rates for as I would usually prefer to deliver these in person, but if circumstances dictate that they must be posted or couriered I'll determine the rate and let you know.