Level Three - Fixed price packages


Although it's great to have all the photographs stored on a disc and safely tucked away for the future, sometimes you just want to enjoy the memories of the day, the emotion, the joy and the happiness, maybe for a few minutes privately or as something to share. To remember the little events, the detail and the look on the faces of all your family and friends. That's when an album is unbeatable. Just turn the pages and you're straight back there.

All our albums are available separately but most commonly they come as part of a fixed price package that includes all our effort and skill on the day as well.


Attendance at one venue

Intended for the smaller occasion perhaps at a registry office or a church, you'll be happy for us to attend for up to three hours at a single venue. We'll be taking around 250 to 300 photographs on the day and subsequently producing a set of proofs for you to examine and enjoy for a month.

You can then choose 24 of the photographs (size 9"x 6") to go into the album. There's a choice of album available - either a traditionally styled Handmade album from the MTA catalogue or the more modern Pacco range from the Italian manufacturer Mario Acerboni.

Extra reprints, either for the album or for friends and family are available as are all of the image files on DVD with full copyright release. Details of prices for those are on our Options and Extras page.

Price - £599.00. (although there may be a slight variation either way depending on your album choice)



Attendance at two venues

If you'll be visiting more than one venue or if the day is based in one place such as a hotel where the preparations, the ceremony and the reception are all under one roof, then this package has the increased time allocation and flexibility to cope. We'll be available for up to six hours which should enable us to cover all the important events of the day and we'd expect to take around 500 photographs over that time.

We'll then be putting everything together as proofs for you to examine and enjoy over the next month or so and all you'll then have to do is choose which 30 of them you'd like in the album. Albums are the same choice of traditionally styled "Handmade" album from the MTA range or the contemorary "Pacco" range from Mario Acerboni. The price given below is based on the Pacco album so there may be a slight variation - either up or down, if you decide upon one of the MTA albums

Extra reprints are available if you or friends / family wish to purchase them as is a complete set of copyright free digital image files containing all of the photographs from the day.

Price - £ 725.00



Attendance at multiple venues

This is where we pull out all the stops! I'm happy to visit as many venues as you wish during the day and stay as long as is needed. I'll be taking as many photographs as I can - probably well over 500, and afterwards compiling them into a set of proofs that'll be left with you for a month to examine and enjoy.

The hard part comes in deciding which 40 photographs you want to go into the included album! For the album there's the choice of the traditionally styled "Handmade" range from MTA or the fantastic "Pacco" range from one of the best album manufacturers in Europe, the Italian company Mario Acerboni. We've based the price quoted below around the Pacco range so there may be a slight variation - either up or down, if you decide one of the MTA range is right for you.

Extra reprints for family or friends, a wider choice of albums and a complete set of all the image files taken on the day are also available. Details are on the Options and Extras page.

Price - £845.00


Transport costs

I'm based in Thame, a lovely little market town about 10 miles from Oxford. I'm happy to travel as far as is required but my prices assume that your ceremony is within about 30 miles of me. If you're further away there will be a small extra charge to cover my fuel costs. When petrol becomes cheaper again (!) I'll happily remove this :-)

Image enhancement

Sometimes it's just a case of photographing what's in front of me. But not often. Most of the time though an overactive imagination has seen an angle, a view, a look that I want to capture. So many of the photographs I take at weddings come from that process. They're a picture in my head that I want you to see as well.

To bring it out fully often needs more than just the camera image. It needs time on the computer reworking the image to get as close to my original vision as I can and I often spend (unpaid) hours on just one photograph in the hope that you'll love it as much as I do. This isn't just a job, it's a passion.