Wedding Photography


My aim is to tell the story of your day. But more than that I want to capture the emotion, the joy and the fun in a way that will be remembered for ever. To do it well is harder than you'd think. Every occasion is wonderfully unique and I try very hard to reflect that in the photographs. You've put your heart and soul into organising the day and you deserve as much commitment and dedication from your photographer. I genuinely approach every wedding I ever go to (around a thousand so far!) with the intention of producing the best set of photographs I've ever taken and as most of my bookings these days come from referrals I must be doing something right.

My approach is to ensure that everyone -guests, friends, family but particularly the bride and groom, enjoy the photography (as opposed to just putting up with it). That's a difficult trick to pull off and it's where experience tells. Not only do you have to produce world class results but you have to do it under the pressure of making sure that everyone is enjoying themselves and that you're keeping to time. No wonder wedding photography is thought of as one of the hardest photographic disciplines.

On the day I'll be taking a mixture of photographs. Some will need direct commitment from everybody, others will just involve a few people but for the majority you won't know I'm there. I will be though. I'll be looking to capture those informal moments, the fleeting glances and the emotion of private joy. All the little things that are so important, the details, the half remembered incidents that'll bring the memories flooding back in the future.

Have a look though the examples I've included on the site and get a feel for my style. Everything here was captured during actual weddings - no models or commercial shoots, so it's representative of what I can produce for clients. Then examine the various options I have for pricing my services. If nothing quite fits what you had in mind or your budget please give me a call. As every occasion is different all price lists can only be a compromise and I'd be happy to modify things to suit your particular circumstances or requirements.


Transport costs

I'm based in Thame, a lovely little market town about 10 miles from Oxford. I'm happy to travel as far as is required but my prices assume that your ceremony is within about 30 miles of me. If you're further away there will be a small extra charge to cover my fuel costs. When petrol becomes cheaper again (!) I'll happily remove this :-)

Image enhancement

Sometimes it's just a case of photographing what's in front of me. But not often. Most of the time an overactive imagination has seen an angle, a view, a look that I want to capture. So many of the photographs I take at weddings come from that process. They're a picture in my head that I want you to see as well.

To bring it out fully often needs more than just the camera image. It needs time on the computer reworking the image to get as close to my original vision as I can and I often spend (unpaid) hours on just one photograph in the hope that you'll love it as much as I do. This isn't just a job, it's a passion.