Wedding Photography options in brief


Over on the main pricing pages we've tried to offer alternatives that cover just about all the circumstances we've encountered in the last 20+ years but I'm well aware that it can seem unnecessarily complicated if all you were trying to do was book a photographer to photograph your wedding. On this page therefore I've tried to simplify things and offer a quick guide to how to choose between our options.

There's really only two decisions you need to make: how long would you like us to be there on the day and afterwards, what kind of final product would you like to have?

You can choose to just have us attend for a few hours (three is about the realistic minimum) or, at the other extreme, to be there throughout the day from the start of your preparations in the morning to the final farewell in the evening.

When it comes to presenting our results afterwards choices range between having all of the image files on a DVD (set up to enable you to print or distribute all of the images yourself), individual reprints of your choice and a variety of albums ranging from the traditional mounted photograph type to the latest printed coffee table method. There's even an option where you can choose nothing at all! That would seem to defeat the object of our being there on the day but one or two people have used it to postpone decisions when their circumstances changed shortly after the wedding.




1. If you're planning a smaller occasion, consider these options -

- A few hours of coverage and everything presented on DVD afterwards

- A few hours of coverage and an album containing your choice of prints afterwards

- A few hours of coverage but I'm not certain what I want afterwards until I've seen the results




2. If your plans are more elaborate you might be thinking about -

- Comprehensive coverage on the day but I'd just like all of the image files on disc afterwards.

- Lots of mainly informal and relaxed photographs on the day but I do want a great album afterwards.

- I'd like you to be there photographing throughout the day but can we keep things flexible afterwards.


Don't forget that there are price reductions if the wedding is held mid week or during the winter months (December to Easter). Details here

We're also happy to be able to offer a more traditional approach and shoot everything on film rather than using digital equipment. If this appeals there's more information here but, as with everything photographic, our suggestions are only a starting point. If you have something specific in mind but can't find it mentioned anywhere here it's probably because I've forgotten to include it rather than we don't offer it. Just get in touch and let me know what you were thinking about. I hope to hear from you soon.