Level One - Everything on disc


This is our standard service but it provides a huge amount of coverage. All you have to do is decide how long you want us around for

We don't have a limit on how many photographs we take and we're happy to start wherever you want us to - beforehand to cover the bride's preparations for example or at the ceremony. All you have to do is choose how much time you want us to spend with you -

Basic - up to three hours coverage. This may be perfect if you're planning a smaller occasion or just want photographs for the core part of a longer day. For a church ceremony for example it could cover the groom and guests followed by the bride's arrival, the ceremony and some time spent taking photographs in the grounds afterwards. Price - £ 400.00

Celebration - Up to six hours coverage. With more time available we'd be able to cover the bride's preparations beforehand as well as coming along to the reception afterwards. We'd be there until the start of the meal at least or for some time after that depending on how you've organised the timetable. Price - £495.00

Complete - Up to nine hours coverage. As the day stretches into the evening there's a lot of wonderful images to be captured; your first dance as a married couple, celebrating cutting the cake together, the formality of the speeches or relaxing with your friends on the dancefloor. These are moments worth remembering and they pass so quickly. Price - £ 575.00

After the day I'll be spending many hours going through all of the photographs, checking, retouching and optimising them and finally compiling them all onto a data DVD. You'll get a complete set of high resolution image files suitable for printing and a lower resolution set suitable for email, facebook etc. With the disc you'll receive full copyright release so you can make your own prints, duplicate and distribute individual files, or even copy the whole disc. If you wish I'll upload the images to our web gallery for friends and family to view. You'll be able to control access via a password.

If you decide afterwards that you'd like some help with reprints or you want to look at what albums are available then we're happy to help. There's no charge for our advice or assistance so take full advantage of our experience. We'll also be keeping a full set of image files in storage here so if for any reason your copy is lost or damaged it can be replaced.


Transport costs

I'm based in Thame, a lovely little market town about 10 miles from Oxford. I'm happy to travel as far as is required but my prices assume that your ceremony is within about 30 miles of me. If you're further away there will be a small extra charge to cover my fuel costs. When petrol becomes cheaper again (!) I'll happily remove this :-)

Image enhancement

Sometimes it's just a case of photographing what's in front of me. But not often. Most of the time though an overactive imagination has seen an angle, a view, a look that I want to capture. So many of the photographs I take at weddings come from that process. They're a picture in my head that I want you to see as well.

To bring it out fully often needs more than just the camera image. It needs time on the computer reworking the image to get as close to my original vision as I can and I often spend (unpaid) hours on just one photograph in the hope that you'll love it as much as I do. This isn't just a job, it's a passion.